Rockefeller Drug Law Reforms open Expungement to more people than ever!

Under the new record sealing law, many felony drug offenses and some Willard non-drug crimes may be sealed under the New York record sealing statute, Criminal Procedure 160.58. If you have been arrested or convicted of a disorderly or petty disorderly or indictable offense, you could be eligible to have your record sealed.

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Sealing Your New York Record is the Best Decision You Can Make

Seal Record New YorkWith a more competitive job market, sealing your New York criminal record can be the best decision you can make. A criminal record can prove to be a burden when applying for a job. Many employers are performing background checks to meet insurance requirements. Ensure your fair chance at success, by sealing your New York criminal record today.

By having a record sealed, a person previously convicted of a crime greatly limits the number of people with access to that information. Getting an order to seal your criminal record avoids a situation where an employer might unjustly exclude a person convicted of a crime. Employers who are concerned about potential tort liability based on the hiring of an employee can often make an argument that the exclusion of a person based on his or her arrest or conviction record is in-line with a business necessity. Disputing an employer's justification is a time-consuming process that necessitates an attorney specializing in employment and labor disputes. Simply expunging one's record removes many practical and legal hurdles standing between a job applicant and a new career, avoiding further legal headaches down the line.